Nature’s Finds



bright and whimsicalI often go on walks or strolls to listen to the birds and get closer to nature. I am always gathering small treasures that the woods have left behind for me to find.

Birch bark in particular has been one of my favourite finds as of late. I love it rolled into a spiral like a cinnamon stick and placed in wreaths or grouped together in arrangements made in floral foam. Birch bark is also nice wrapped around containers. 

I am always fascinated by the immense variety in branches, even those from the same kind of tree. Some branches have more colouring than others  or less bark in places, while others may have interesting lichens growing around them. New raspberry shoots that come up in the spring time are a particularly pretty mahogany colour and are quite malleable for weaving around the inside of a vase.

And of course pine cones!  Their unique array of forms never cease to amaze me. I collect them all year round to use in arrangements during the Christmas season. Next time you’re out for a stroll, have a look around you and see what gifts nature has left waiting for you! 

 *Ingredients for the arrangements above:
Vanco Farms tulips, yellow pinocchio chrysanthemums, hot pink carnations and raspberry shoots

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