Terms of Service

Carina & Ryan: Married

Floral Varieties
We promise to create floral arrangements as close as possible to the original inspiration photos and drawings that we go over together. Due to rare variances in our natural materials, (like changing seasons, weather issues and the perishable nature of our materials) we do not guarantee any specific floral varieties or exact colour palettes.

Artistic Freedom
Floral design like all other art forms is subjective. Floral designers like all other artists have a unique and ever-evolving style and technique. We will use our professional judgement while providing services, which may not include strict adherence to client’s suggestions. Sakurah’s Flower Studio has the final say over aesthetic judgement and artistic quality of services provided. Refunds will not be provided for dissatisfaction with aesthetic judgement or artistic ability.

A non-refundable flat fee of $200 is required to hold your wedding date and book our services. This booking fee will be subtracted from the full total of your order after tax and is good for only one date change. All booking fees are non-transferable to any other couple or for any other purchase. For orders under $400 before tax, the fee to hold your event date will be 50% of your order before tax and will be subtracted from your total. All orders must be finalized at least 3 weeks (21days) before your wedding day. Full payment is due 3 weeks (21 days) before your event date.

Third Party Bookings
For companies hiring my services as part of their packages or services, deposits will follow the same as any other booking (see Booking section). The Company who hires my services is responsible for making payments, notifying me of any changes and arranging for items to be picked up. Flexibility will be allowed depending on changing circumstances at the discretion of Sakurah’s Flower Studio.

Date Changes
One postponement date will be accepted per booking, for a total of two dates per booking. If you require a second postponement date (a third date), the initial booking fee will be considered expired and a new booking fee will need to be paid. As always, the booking fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. A rush order fee of up to $500 may be applied at the discretion of Sakurah’s Flower Studio if your date is moved to an earlier date than was originally booked.

Quotes & Proposals
The client is welcome to make any needed changes and updates to our original list of items up until 3 weeks before the event date. The florist can also update pricing as needed based on differences in costs up until 3 weeks prior to the event/ when final payment is due.

Full payment is due 3 weeks (21 days) before your wedding or event date. We accept most forms of payment including cash, cheque, email money transfer, and credit card. Payment made by credit card will be charged a fee of 2.9%. Any email money transfers can be sent to sakurah75@gmail.com.

Delivery and Pickup
Delivery fees are charged based on the delivery zone. Each additional delivery will also be based on the delivery zone. We require a 3 hour time window for each delivery. We do not make extra deliveries for boutonnieres, all boutonnieres & corsages are delivered with the bridal bouquet. Orders under $500 are pick-up only.

Set Up
An additional base fee of $50 per location will be charged for all deliveries requiring set up. Examples of set-up include: placing centrepieces, arranging foliage and/or flowers, attaching archway sprays, pew markers etc. If set-up is expected to take longer than 1 hour, set-up fees will be charged accordingly. If you are repurposing items, you are responsible for moving them. We offer a ‘one-pass’ delivery service only, so after completing initial set-up we do not double-back to move items to new locations or venues.

We do not provide tear-down services. You are responsible for disposing of any non-rented items at the venue(s) and returning rented items (vases etc) to 4359 Route 13 in Hunter River.

All rented items (like archways, pedestals, centrepiece vases, altar vases etc.) will be charged a rental fee per item. Broken vases and other damaged items will be handled on a case by case basis by the severity of damage to the item(s). You are responsible for returning all rented items to the address below by the Wednesday immediately following your event date.

Personal Decor/Trinkets/Mementos
We would be more than happy to add your personal items to arrangements (like ribbon, photos, jewelry etc) or to create arrangements in vases/decor that you provide. These items will need to be received at least 4 days prior to your event date. We are not responsible for any broken, lost, stolen or damaged items.

Floral Refunds
Refunds on floral arrangements will only be provided up to 3 days after the event date. Refunds are provided per item on a case by case basis. Full refunds for florals are only available on items that are deemed completely defective and thus unusable, and for items that were not provided. Only partial refunds of up to 50% are available on any other items in question.

Cancellations must be made in writing to Sakurah’s Flower Studio via email. You are welcome to cancel any time prior to 21 days (3 weeks) before your event. The initial booking fee is non-refundable, but any other payments will be refunded if the cancellation is prior to 21 days before the event date. If a cancellation happens less than 21 days before the event no refund will be given. If a postponement is needed due to a natural disaster, we may provide a second order of flowers at wholesale cost at the discretion of Sakurah’s Flower Studio.

Sakurah’s Flower Studio will act as the sole and exclusive florist for your wedding. No other person or company, professional or otherwise, shall provide fresh or artificial floral products for client’s ceremony or wedding reception without consent from SFS.

Limit of Liability
Sakurah’s Flower Studio including it’s owner, employees, representatives, affiliates and independent contractors will not be held responsible and will be indemnified from any injury, property damage, liability, claim or other cause of action arising out of or related to any products/services provided by Sakurah’s Flower Studio. Any claim cannot exceed the total cost of products/services provided by Sakurah’s Flower Studio.

Private Studio
We are a private studio based business and not a retail shop. There is no location that has a retail storefront or that is open to the public. All consultations, meetings and pick-ups need to be scheduled in advance. The drop-off of any items can be left under the awning by the front door at the address provided in your proposal.