Awaking to the Hibiscus Tree







Plant Life: the perfect cohabitant for us human beings; breathing out oxygen for us to take in. How can we feel anything other than adoration for them and their beautiful gifts of blooms? 

I saw this Hibiscus tree for sale in a shop earlier this past spring and I bought it, not because of it’s wonderful condition, but because it was almost dead. I knew that if I didn’t take it back to the house with me it would probably end up in a garbage heap. So, I brought it home and started removing all of the dead leaves, and with much love over the course of the summer, it is now in full bloom. And too be perfectly honest, I have never seen a hibiscus bloom in person until now! I now keep this little tree in my bedroom and get to wake up to these blooms every morning. You see, to me, flowers are a way in which we can bring nature, our very essence, back into the spaces we inhabit. They can invigorate a space, create an air of magic, or provide a romantic feel.

I am reminded of a quote I came across a while ago, ‘Be sure to stop and smell the flowers along the way.’ Life moves quickly, and flowers remind me to stop and notice the beauty that exists around us at all times. So in this sense, floristry is not only an avenue for me to use my creativity, but also has spiritual relevance. Being near nature centres me, and reminds me of the perfect balance we have with plants and in life.